Do you live near a Sprouts grocery store? We feel fortunate to have one about a mile away from our house. Once or twice a week, we buy the bulk of our meat and produce there. Their weekly specials cannot be beat! Only ONE day each year Sprouts offers 10% off their store gift cards.




Since we’re already shopping at Sprouts, why not save an extra 10%? Last year, we were out of town the day the deal was offered and missed out. It seems to happen in early November so we’ve been on the lookout. I couldn’t find any information online so putting up a few details:

  • You can buy up to 3 x $100 Sprouts gift  cards per person in one transaction. I bought 3 and Tim bought 3.
  • If you use the same credit card for both purchases, your second transaction could be canceled or declined.
  • Do NOT buy these cards if you maintain credit card balances. If you pay off your card balance(s) every month, this is geared toward you.
  • I am not sure when the cards expire but you have at least one year. I keep one of the cards in my wallet at all times and write the current balance with a Sharpie as I use each one.
  • So we can track how much we spend on groceries on an ongoing basis, Tim manually records the gift card usage in Quicken. This morning, Tim was able to calculate that we spend $999 at Sprouts over the past 12 months.

Want to hear it explained on video…here you go!

Sorry for the short notice. I just learned about it myself. It’s a sneaky sale!

Small changes can add up quickly. Finding opportunities to save in our daily life allowed us to reach financial independence.

Please comment below if you’re buying Sprouts gift cards on sale today!