Our friend, Marla texted me 2 days ago to let us know she invited the universe of ChooseFI to our little trip to Tempe in January. Holy cow, that’s a big universe! I often say “the more, the merrier”, so let’s test this out!

Last January, we did the same trip and had so much fun while spending so little money, we booked our January 2019 room the week we got back. That’s some advance planning, y’all! Here’s my blog post all about that trip!

We don’t have “a plan” aside from dates (January 22-25) and a hotel (the Moxy in Tempe – part of the Marriott family). There’s a terrific ChooseFI Phoenix chapter and I’ll create a social event on January 24th in the hotel’s lobby. As you can see from the post I linked above, their lobby is happening and totally rocks.

If you’re coming, or if you have questions, please comment on this post. Just a heads up…this isn’t an official event with speakers and sessions and organized events. This is a “run to the sun” for a little fun.

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