Our first podcast episode is available for your listening pleasure. We were excited that Dan and Ben invited us to share our story on their “Ditching 9 to 5”¬†weekly podcast.

“Amy and Tim look back at the past and see a lifestyle that wasn’t maintainable. They would go out for $500 dinners and maintain their 6000 sqft house. Some things changed and they realized that their happiness was not tied to those high dollar things. Fast forward to today and they are both retired before the age of 50 and are travelling the world and enjoying every minute. From volunteering for your favorite pastimes to having local dishes in Spain, we cover it all. Check out their blog at GoWithLess.”


“We feature weekly interviews with people who have successfully created their desired lifestyle or are making strides towards that goal. If you’re tired of solely relying on your 9 to 5 job for income, take a listen and hear about the different ways other people are making money. Even if you love your job, making side income is always great, especially if it doesn’t add work to your plate. Time is something you can never get back so don’t waste it. “Time is money” is not true. Time is an asset, but the amount of money you make should not be linked to how much time you had to spend to get it. Now is the moment to start learning how to create and plan for the lifestyle you want. Again, we welcome you to the Ditching 9 to 5 Podcast.”

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